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Find out if someone has passed away in East Texas*

What is Obit.Guru?

A new way to monitor obituaries

Obit.Guru is a place to quickly search obituary records for select counties and determine if someone has passed away.

Obit.Guru is being updated parodically with new funeral homes, but the goal is to provide a one-stop resource to see all funerals within Angelina County. 


Want Daily Updates?


Our search is available free of charge to anyone that wants to use it. For those that want to stay current on who has recently passed away in the Angelina County area, we will be offering a new subscription plan for $2.99 / month. This will give you access to a list of most recent obituaries aggregated from all funeral homes within the area, as well as a daily or weekly newsletter. 

Funeral Homes We Cover

Here is a list of all funeral homes that are covered by Obit.Guru. More are added periodically, so stay tuned!

More funeral homes are coming soon. Please check back later.